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Introduction :
acrylic.cn    Micro Acrylic Specialties, established in Guanlan since 1987, specialized in acrylic hand-made products more than 30 years, having a good reputation in acrylic feild! Ellis Lee, the founder of Micro Acrylic, now has another challenging idea to fullfill. He intends to sell all the production equipments, along with the clients information and client management platform. If you are interested, please contact us.
Notice :
What can we do to the offcut? [2011-12-8]
Click here to view the new look of offcut As a healthy, eco-friendly and safe lifestyle, low-carbon life is becoming more and more popular among the enterprises. There would be lots of acrylic offcut after per our mass production.

To support the low-carbon life idea, we spent some time on thinking about the way to recycle the offcut. For example, we designed for a round acrylic offcut plate, and have sucessfully turned it into a mini magnetic acrylic photo frame, which can be used as a fridge magnet and a coaster at the same time. Dedicated to environmental protection, we welcome your eco-friendly idea on acrylic offcut.
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